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The Management of V. N. Dyers & Processors Pvt. Ltd. lies in the very efficient hands of highly experienced board of Directors. Mr. Vishnu Prasad Ajitsaria and Mr. Narain Prasad Ajitsaria spearheads the organization as the managing director and the visionary. The management team has a vision of getting international acclaim and is to be recognized as a name in the business of textiles in the world.

All the members in the mission are competent respected individuals who have been in the industry for a decade now and have gained required experience to take their unit at greater height.
New man Mr. Ankit Ajitsaria (Director) and Mr. Vinod Ajitsaria (Director) are individuals with inherited business acumen and professional education, they have with them the information on technology and tact to reach closer to vision and achieve it.

The overall workforce of the unit is a pool of talented people from the industry. The officials in various sections at production levels and shop floor management areas selected from the best available talent in the industry from all across the country and a professional work culture is provided to them for efficient working and results.


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